3 simple plastic surgery marketing strategies to increase your patient base starting today

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Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy[dropcap style=”round” color=”fire”]1[/dropcap]  First off let’s just start with your website since I assume everyone has one and if you don’t that’s a whole different story.

Did you know that you have less than 12 seconds to capture someone’s attention with your website? So if your site is to busy and not easy to navigate your online viewers will be on to the next site and you will be losing potential patients to your competitors.

So how do we stop this?

You need a specific landing page for each one of your procedures. One that is simple, has a video, with a prominent sign up box that promotes a FREE consultation or a special promotion that you are advertising and that your phone number is large and stands out. If potential patients have a hard time finding your phone number guess what they are going to do…Right, move on to the next plastic surgeons website. I don’t know how many plastic surgery websites I have analyzed and to my dismay none of these are prominent for the viewer to find.

So remember you have less than 12 seconds to capture your potential patients attention. Go take a look at your website. Does it capture your attention, is it easy to navigate to find what you are looking for?


[dropcap style=”round” color=”fire”]2[/dropcap]  Social Media or let’s just say FaceBook because that is what comes to mind when we think of social media.

Did you know that 70% of people online have a FaceBook account? So if your not using FaceBook and your competition is…well let’s just say you’re missing out on a lot of potential patients that your competitor is getting.

So how to use social media the right way.

People want to know you are human. Time and time again I see practices that post every once in a while and they only promote their practice. “Come visit us we’re the best plastic surgeon in your city” or ” Look great with…insert your practice name here we’re the best” I think you get my point. Once again people want to know you are human.

You need to post something every day. You can set up a schedule.
Monday: Tell a story of what someone did over the weekend that might have been interesting.

Tuesday: Something that is going on in the community. Charity event, Concert, Sporting event, etc.

Wednesday: Now you can say something about your practice. Like a weekly promotion, come in for a free consultation.

Thursday: Some sort of beauty tip.

Friday: What you or one of your employees are going to do over the weekend.

These are just ideas to get you to brain storm of what you need to be posting to your social media. That’s why they call it social media, it’s from a social aspect. They don’t call it business marketing media.


[dropcap style=”round” color=”fire”]3[/dropcap]   Let’s talk about one of the most overlooked areas in your practice. The waiting room.

Now that you have a great website and your social media is getting your potential patients interacting with you and you are starting to book consultations what happens when these patients start to arrive at your office.

Do you have someone greeting them personally when they walk in? After all you know when they are coming you set the appointment.

Once again the majority of practices don’t great these new patients and make them feel welcomed. They just set back behind the counter and have you sign in. How much different would that make them feel to have someone personally great them when they walk in to your practice and offer them something to drink or a magazine.

Do you think your competitor is doing this? Do you think that this kind of personal attention is something that they would share with other people? You’re darn right it would and we would call that…referral marketing.

I believe that this should be the first thing that you implement in your Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy because it is the simplest to do and it will have one of the greatest impacts on your new patients.