Hi, I’m Eric Zimmerman the founder and CEO of Local Legacy and I started this marketing agency for the sole purpose of helping Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons gain more patients and grow their practice. We want to create a local legacy for your practice and that’s how we arrived at the name “Local Legacy”

Local Legacy is dedicated to giving you a positive ROI on your marketing investment, Yes your marketing should be an investment for your practice and not be a monthly liability.

We only except one practice per local area because we fill that it would be a conflict of interest to represent more than one practice in any marketing area.

We only allow a small number of practices into our marketing circle so we can give our undivided attention to your marketing needs. We feel that in a marketing agency that takes on to many practices that you seem to get lost in the shuffle…and that is something that we surely want to avoid.

We don’t just allow any practice into our marketing agency. This is by application only. If you meet our criteria for acceptance we will notify you and we will give you the opportunity to interview us to see if we will be right for you. You see we want this to be a win win relationship for both of us.

We do not disclose any of our marketing strategies until the final interview for the sake of not giving  the competition any edge in their marketing strategies.

If this sounds like something you are ready for then please fill out the application today by clicking on the link below.